"I would love to thank Carl for installing the outlets and electrical power to my outdoor shed. It was a great service. Carl took so much pleasure and care into doing the job correctly. My husband is grateful that he doesnt have to work in the dark. Thanks again"  - Tina 

"We would like to thank Carl for all of the hard work he did remodeling our new office before our move. He completely gutted the old outdated kitchen and bathrooms. Our kitchen and bathrooms now look great! Not only are we impressed with his craftsmanship, but all of our clients are too"  - Walton Law Firm

"Oh my goodness. This guy is a wonder. In under an hour my cabinet door is repaired (had literally been falling off), a drawer that was installed wrong and has been crooked for years is level, my sink stopper which had ceased to stop water works again, and a draft problem was assessed. As a bonus surprise, a driveway light that had fallen over was replanted. Totally awesome!!" - Janet B.